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It is a plesure to invite you to browse our products, decorations and services.
At MilioniBaloni.com you can shop оnline in the е-shop. All the prices are visible after registration.
балон цикламаHow to order:
After having registered on the e-shop, pick your desired product and quantity.
Click the button "order" and look at the contents of your shoppin cart.
After you finish your order, click on the button "odrer the products". After you see the total price of your order, select payment method and finalize.
The order is considered valid after a MilioniBaloni.com representative contacts you. In a telephone conversation you get a detailed information about the ordered products, delivery procedure and payment methods
балон циклама Delivery terms:
After placing an order on the phone, via skype or on our site, a MilioniBaloni.com representative contacts you to confirm, specify the exact address, the delivery terms and total price. The ordered products are then delivered by couriers. Delivery terms and prices are according to their pricelist.
балон циклама Prices:
All prices on the site are with VAT, unless specified otherwise.
MilioniBaloni.com reserves the right to change product prices without advanced notice.
The person, placing the order, pays the price that is accurate at the time of confirmation of the order. All delivery costs are at the expence of the person placing the order.
Upon receiving the ordered products at MilioniBaloni.com office or shop, no delivery costs apply.
According to CPA, the ordered product can be returned in 7 work days only if the product has not been used or damaged and the original package is intact.
балон цикламаPayment methods:
Payment upon delivery:
The payment for the ordered products and delivery costs is made upon receiving the order. In case you have arranged a third party to collect the order, the delivery will be made only after your confirmation.
Cash payment:
The cash payment can be made in our offices and shops in Sofia
балон циклама Privacy policy
Personal data entered anywhere in the site is strictly protected under the provisions of the PDPA.
MilioniBaloni.com requires you only information that is necessary to execute your order.
MilioniBaloni.com does not have the right to disclose customer's personal data to third parties without their consent.

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