About Balloon Printing

What is the needed file format for the text or the logo I want to be printed

You must send your logo in Corel Draw.

What is the size of the printed area.

The size of the printed area depends on the size of the printed balloon.

Balloons size G90/MG90 – 13 sm oval .

Balloons size G110/MG110 – 15 sm oval.

What is the minimum quantity for order?

The minimum quantity for printing is 100 balloons.

What is the time needed for printing the ordered quantity?

From 100 to 5 000 balloons – up to 10 working days.

For more than 5 000 balloons – up to 15 working days.

For express printing  we have a 20% increase of the price.

What kind of printing can you make on a balloon?

We can make one-colored text or logo, up to 8 colors text or logo and your favorite picture. The printing can be one-side, two-sides, all over and  on the top.

Can we order an advertising campaign from you ?


Yes, you can order an advertising campaign – our team are going to give your advertising balloons. If you are going to make your campaign by yourself – we can offer you sticks&cups,ribbon,helium gas or electric inflator.

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