Our main ambition is to create unique decorations tailored to each customer and his needs. Usually our team of designers meet with the client at the event venue. The aim is to offer different decorative solutions for the event  until the customer likes and approves the decoration.
There are a few basic techniques and shapes of balloons that act as a "skeleton" of each decoration. These are:

 зелен балон металикpillars    балон оранжев металикarches    жълт балон металикflowers     балон син металикfigures     балон червен металикwalls      балон лилавbouquets

The combinations between them, together with the color combinations are virtually endless. This gives us the freedom and opportunity to shape each decoration unique as the event for which it is intended.

Balloon pillars:

пилон с цвете украса  pilon baloni ukrasa  пилон от балони  pilon ot baloni 1

Balloon pillars are one of the most impressive elements of a decoration. They are made of balloons, inflated with - latex, foil, or a combination of both.
Basic figurative solutions for pillars are spiral and square, but this does not limit opportunities to achieve other forms.
As part of the decoration, they are universal - suitable for decorating any event.
The best positions for pillars are the entrances to the room, corners. Our recommendation is that they are placed along staircases, steps, walkways.


арка от балони  арка балони сватба  arki ukrasa   Арки от балони с хелий

The arch of balloons is one of the most attractive parts of the overall decoration. It creates a feeling of solemnity and brings a touch of luxury.
They can be constructed from balloons filled with air or helium.
To be able to select the most appropriate type of arch for your event, consider:
How long will the decoration have to endure ?
Is the event outdoors or indoors?

Arches of balloons filled with helium are suitable for indoor events. This kind of arch will last one day or night. The advantage of the arches made of helium gas balloons is that with relatively few balloons you can visually fill the space.
If you need arch for more than a day, or the launch event, you can navigate to the arches, made of air bubbles. This kind of arches allow more variations.
Arches can be constructed from various figurative elements; helix, with flowers, balloons from the "Nevada"
Arches are one of the options for decorative effects of the aquatic environment
For decorative ponds are suitable as balloons with helium and air balloons woven into garlands.


цифра балони декорация  сифра балони  ukrasa cifri  ukrasa cifri

The numbers are constructed with latex balloons, foil or a combination of both, filled with air.
One of their biggest advantages is that it can be implemented in a variety of sizes - their height depends on your preferences.
Especially suitable for birthdays, anniversaries, New Year celebrations


цветя от балони  цвете от балони  цветя балони  букет цветя балони

Flowers of the balloons are perfect for decorating walls. Particularly impressive is when combined with floral patterns as an accent in the middle of the masses.
Their main advantages are their mobility and variations in size. Can be placed virtually anywhere, creating a feeling of completeness and splendor of the decoration.

Bouquets of helium inflated balloons

Bouquets of helium balloons are the heart of decorations from balloons.
Mainly used as an accent in the middle of the masses.
Between three and seven balloon tied to ribbons, arranged at various heights and weights attached to, laid on a table. The weights can also be decorative: baskets, including a bouquet of flowers and more.
This central focus can form of latex balloons, foil balloons, or by a combination of both.
As the balloons filled with helium, that determines the life of the decoration. Foil balloons will fly to 14 days. But even the best quality of latex balloons withstand between 8 and 12 hours.


We produce all shapes of balloons on a project or the client.
Overall, the amount of pieces is determined by where you will be placed. If you stand at ease / not engaged in a particular place / their height preferably be from 1.20 to 1.50 m.
Are very suitable for themed parties. Among the most popular shapes are hearts, carriages, swans.
The type of figure depends entirely on your imagination. Await your challenge!


pano baloni  стена балони лого  лого балони
The ballon walls are made of the principle of mosaic of balloons filled with air from latex, foil or a combination of both. The balloons are placed side by side on a carrier. Suitable construction company logo, spelling of names, numbers, symbols.
Can also develop panels of different figurative elements - flowers, hearts and more.
Suitable for corporate promotions, exhibition stands, weddings.

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