About Balloon Decorations

  • How is the cost of the decoration calculated?

The price of the decoration depends on:
   the quantity of balloons
   complexity of the elements
   whether the balloons are inflated with air or helium.
We advise you to consult with our designers and they will offer individual, optimal options tailored to your budget.

  • How long in advance is best to order?

It is best to order three days before the event.

  • How long do helium-inflated balloons last?

Latex balloons with helium last between 8 and 10 hours.
It is possible to extend the life of latex balloons, inflated with helium, after treatment with a special gel. The gel is called Hi Float and it allows balloons to fly three times longer.
Foil balloons, inflated with helium withstand at least 5 days, depending on their size.

  • How long before the event is best to mount the decoration?

The best time is about an hour before the start of the event. In this way the colors of the balloons will be the fresh, bright and beautiful and the helium-inflated balloons will have enough time to fly.

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