Balloon Printing - semicolor and multicolor

балон с печат балон с печат балон с печат балон с печат балон с печат балон с печат

Balloon type: latex pastel / latex metallic
Minimum quantity to order:

For one color printing: 100 balloons

For 1-2-3-4 colors printing: 1000 balloons

For 5-6-7-8 colors printing: 5000 balloons

For 4-sides and all over printing: 3000 balloons
Type of printing: silk-screen printing, one and up to eight colours, one side,two-sides,top and all over printing
Printing space: ellipse with the following sizes:
    11 х 13 cm - G90 balloons - diameter 26 sm,cirumference 80 sm 
    12 х 14 cm - G110 balloons -  diameter 30 sm,cirumference 95 sm 

Promotional printed balloons are perferct for advertising or as a corporate gift.
Promotional balloons look best hellium filled or on a stick in case they are given away for advertising campaigns.
It is necessary to note that in order to protect the interest of our clients, we do not recommend such balloons to be included into garlands, arches, columns, or figures. In such cases the logo will remain hidden and the effect will be lost.

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